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ii-V-I; A JassOdyssey is a novel about Miles and his Uncle Roland's journey along the Chitlin' Circuit as they go back in time in search of a stolen object. During the trip, not only do they encounter jazz musicians both old and new, but also the nemesis who propelled them on this great adventure. Miles learns not only about Jazz, one of America's greatest art forms, but also about himself as he benefits from his uncle's knowledge and experience.

"The storyline reads easily and cleanly. The pace is perfect. If you want a nice mix of fiction, history, and jazz pick up this book!" 

By Elijah Ditter



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JassOdyssey Introduction narration and mArtist Name
00:00 / 09:46
JO Chapter 1 Audiobook BK1
00:00 / 15:20
Cemetary narration 2
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Hope you've enjoyed the Introduction, Chapter One, and an excerpt from Chapter 8. If you liked it and want to find out more about Miles, Roland and their great adventure, keep listening, or purchase the series.
         As the author J. A. Rollins often says...."Take the Journey!!!" Hope you enjoy your JassOdyssey.
 Miles loves to make beats. He and his friends Lee and Morgan come together to create soulful grooves that serve as background music for their hip-hop lyrics. You'll be able to hear them play when you visit online streaming services. The music's titles are taken from adventures that you will enjoy while reading the series. Have fun listening. 
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