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As part of a pre-release celebration of Book Three, we are offering commemorative posters highlighting important events in the book series. They can be purchased, shipped and delivered. In Book Three, Park and Marie visit Central Avenue in Los Angeles. One of the characters that Park sees is Charlie Parker, better known as 'Bird' (both while traveling the backroads of Nebraska as well as in Los Angeles). This is just the first of a series of posters. Others will be added. Some are photos, while others are drawings. Stop back frequently to see what we've added. 

Poster #1

Here's a photo of a jazz fixture in Los Angeles. It's part of a set. It's a tribute to the musical heydays of the city. If you look closely at the sculpture, not only does it spell out its location, but on the rim of the horn you'll see "Bird." That's why this poster is entitled: Bird Lives! On Central Avenue.


" The poster measures 17" X 11" Cost $10.00 (plus shipping and handling)

Poster # 2  - $10 

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